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Respite Fostering

Respite Fostering.

Respite fostering is just like more conventional fostering, but it is explicitly for a short space of time, providing, as the name suggests, respite for a young person and foster care family that they are in for the longer term.

This period of respite varies but is usually weekend-long up to a couple of weeks. Respite care is an important part of our fostering family network, and respite care can provide fostering families a break when they most need it, and as such is crucial in the wider support network of our foster carers.  
Respite care can be needed for a variety of reasons, including challenging behaviour or higher-end needs of the young person, but it can also be needed due to unforeseen emergency situations, or lots of other factors that are no fault of the young person. As such, a respite carer can be a challenging role, it can be a lifeline to other carers or a welcome break for young people who appreciate the change. Indeed, respite carers can provide regular respite for some young people and build a fantastic rapport through these regular short-term placements. Respite care really does come in all shapes and sizes, but fundamentally you will be providing a safe place for young people who need it.
For these young people and the people caring for them, respite at best is an opportunity to have a rest, a short-term change of routine and the chance to recharge, in a planned way to ensure that it is not too disruptive for the child.
If you are considering becoming a respite foster carer, why not get in touch with us today to find out more about the role and whether it's right for you?

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Respite Fostering is both challenging as well as rewarding, you will receive training and support from us as well 
The training covers everything relating to caring for and safeguarding a young family, including how parents form relationships with their children.
You’ll also receive frequent visits from your Supervising Social Worker and support from our dedicated Support workers.

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