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As a foster carer looking after teenagers, you can find yourself becoming the launch pad to the rest of their lives. It's incredibly rewarding to build a trustful relationship with them and to see their personalities blossom and evolve with your nurturing guidance.

Becoming a foster carer to teenagers is a unique experience.

They challenge your ideas, beliefs and strategies and can keep you on your toes, but watching them achieve their goals gives the greatest sense of pride that you could imagine. Teenagers in foster care come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but most will have had difficulties at home, which is why they find themselves in foster care. Any child's teenage years are critical and can be confusing and difficult, but especially so for those young people in care who cannot live with their own family. Teenagers need clear guidance and support to help them successfully develop into the adults they have the potential to become. 


Teenagers need foster carers who can understand their needs, and they must be reliable, patient and trustworthy.

Listening is a hugely important skill for Foster carers; Teenagers need someone to be there, to listen and help them understand their thoughts and concerns in a non-judgemental way. The teenage years are when young people learn how to deal with feelings, formalise their social structures and try and make sense of how they live and organise their lives.  We believe that having life skills (that could have come from a previous job) that you can pass on is a significant benefit to a teenager in our care.  While we have an independent living programme, it is important for young people to experience positive practical experiences every day, whether that is being part of conversations involving budgeting, learning how to help with a meal or supporting another child to learn a new skill.

Could you foster a Teenager?

Fostering a Teenager is both challenging as well as rewarding, you will receive training and support from us as well 
The training covers everything relating to caring for and safeguarding a young family, including how parents form relationships with their children.
You’ll also receive frequent visits from your Supervising Social Worker and support from our dedicated Support workers.

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