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Celebrating our Independent Living Project

Last year, when one of our Participation and Support Leads spoke to us about the need for a programme to… View More

Support for the “New Normal”

New normal

When we look back at 2020, I think many of us will be able to say we learnt a lot about ourselves. This… View More

Why it feels great to transfer to Affinity

Making the decision to become a foster carer is not just a career choice. It’s a realisation that you… View More

Training helps our carers reach Affinity and beyond

One of the reasons that we refer to our team as the Affinity family is that we firmly believe that every… View More

A very warm welcome to Lincolnshire from our Senior Supervising Social Worker

Senior Supervising Social Worker

12 years ago, my family and I made the move from Essex to Lincolnshire and have not regretted a single… View More

How to have a successful teenager placement

Fostering Teenagers

Perhaps a teenager is not your immediate choice; you are perhaps worried that they will be a challenge and believe it would be easier to have a… View More

Do you already have the skills needed to be a foster carer?

Do you already have the skills needed to be a foster carer?

Variety is certainly the spice of life and Affinity have always been proud that our foster carers come… View More

Your background doesn’t have to define your success

define your success

This blog is currently being written on an Apple MacBook. It’s also being written on the day that it… View More

How will becoming a foster carer affect my family?

How will becoming a foster carer affect my family?

Making the decision to foster brings with it many important questions and decisions. “Will we be good… View More

Turn your spare room into their room!

blog image 1

Come on, be honest, what's in your spare room? For some, it may be a haven for visitors, immaculately… View More

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