Your suggestions, concerns, complaints or maybe even compliments are really important!

Here at Affinity Fostering we would like to hear from our Young People so we can maintain our high standards. You will see things that adults don’t, that’s why we need your input. So please use the form at the bottom of this page to make your suggestions.

Would like you to join our Young People’s Forum?

What is the Young People's Forum?

A group of young people will get together with Vicky and Becca to give them some ideas as to how Affinity can improve what they do. It’s called a Young People's Forum but maybe you can think of a better name.

What will I do there?

  • The first part of the meeting will be chatting about what Affinity do and to see if you can make any suggestions to improve things for kids in care.
  • The second part will be to look at some of our leaflets we send out and for you to tell us how to change them so they are more appealing.
  • Third part – almost the best bit, PIZZAS!! You will be asked beforehand to choose what type you would like.
  • Fourth part – payment! Affinity will pay each young person who participates but sorry you can’t just turn up and take the pizzas and money, you need to join in!

When will it take place?

To being with In school holidays, usually February and October half terms, but each Forum will decide when it wants the next one to take place.

Sound interesting?

There’s a form below, please use it and let us know

OR Text free on WhatsApp to Vicky on 07881308619

Have Your Say Form

Please use this form to make a suggestion, compliment, complaint or talk about a concern you have. We’ll make every effort to implement your ideas – or we’ll discuss them further with you, if necessary.

Also use this if you would like to join our Young People’s Forum.