Last updated: August 9th, 2017

Today, six of our young people took part in Become Charity's, Passport for Parliament, an outreach project empowering looked after children and care leavers to be agents of change - in their own lives and within the care system.

Become's aim is to strengthen participants’ confidence and sense of empowerment by connecting them to decision makers and to a wider community of care-experienced young people facing similar issues.

It's important to us that we provide additional support to our young people and connect them to training sessions and projects just like this one so they feel confident and ready for life after care. Projects like Passport for Parliament help our young people feel connected to big decisions that impact those in care. They have an opportunity to share their stories with decision makers -- giving them a chance to feel listened to and to help shape the future for other young people in care.

After today's very interesting session, we decided to end the day with a little bit of fun and took the group to a local water park. It might have been pouring with rain but that didn't stop our young people from letting their hair down!