Last updated: August 25th, 2017

We've just received some great feedback from a local authority social worker about one of our young people in care. It's so lovely, we just had to share it!

"E has thrived in the care of Maureen in particular, and Affinity Fostering in general. He has been supported to make vast improvements in various aspects of his development. In E’s own words, he has been “provided a loving home environment”.

He has enjoyed access to universal services in health and education, recently completing his GCSEs (he got seven!) and notable improvements have been observed in his understanding of the English language.

E continues to enjoy the positive relationship and interaction of his foster carer’s extended family as he has moved towards more independent living. E verbalises his gratitude and I could not agree with him more on the good supportive work he received in the care of his foster carer."